[About Our Shop]

[We are a family owned and operated business. We are located in the heart of Charlotte and have been ever since our doors first open 50 years ago. We love reviving your favorite pair of shoes and we plan on continuing to do so for many years to come.]

[Have an old beat up pair of shoes that you’ve been dreading throwing out? Well don’t worry now you don’t have to get rid of them. Come visit us today and we’ll assess the current state of your shoes, tell you how we plan to fix them, and call you when they’re ready.]

[Fast, Easy, Convenient]

[How long does the repair process typically take?]

[It depends on the pair of shoes and their condition. We always give you a time estimate when you drop them off. But we usually don’t keep one pair of shoes for more than a week.]

[What if I can’t come in to pick them back up?]

[No worries, we’ll ship them to your address for free.]

[Can I schedule a repair online?]

[Yes, you can do that down below. Just choose what you want done, when you want to pick them up and we’ll ship them back to you.]

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[Pick the service that you need.]

[Schedule Pickup]

[Decide when you want to pick them up]

[We Repair]

[We repair all the different brands, sizes, and shapes of shoes.]

[We Return]

[Don’t have time to pick up your shoes? Don’t worry, we’ll ship them back to you.]

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